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Optical plate, optimized for use with ABI®/Life Technologies® instruments

FrameStar® qPCR Plates with frosted wells

FrameStar PCR plates have a two-component design which combines the advantages of thin wall polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR results, and a rigid polycarbonate skirt & deck for highest thermal stability and rigidity.
In contrast to standard one piece PCR plates, evaporation from corner positions and outer rows of wells is minimal, which allows for downscaling of reagent volumes and therefore saves costs.

Frosted wells compared with clear

Well color influences the performance of PCR plates in real time applications. Whilst clear wells are best for sample visibility, white wells lead to improved qPCR results. White wells increase the signal to noise ratio, by maximizing the reflection of light, and this leads to improved sensitivity and reproducibility on most qPCR instruments. However, white well PCR plates may lead to software related problems with some ABI®/ Life Technologies® cyclers. For this reason the manufacturer recommends the use of plates with frosted wells, as a compromise solution. Although frosting does not provide the same sensitivity as white wells, readings are still considerably higher than those achieved with standard clear wells.
4titude has developed a frosted well variant of the FrameStar FastPlate 96 to offer ABI/Life Tech instrument users the time and money saving advantages of FrameStar. And as the signal levels are directly comparable with ABI/Life Tech, there's no need for users to recalibrate their instruments
  • Frosted wells - More consistent qPCR results and increased signal intensities
  • Less variability between wells - higher reproducibility - Impurities, or drill marks in the cycler block result in differing levels of reflection, affecting the consistency of results when using clear wells
  • Comparable signal levels with ABI®/Life Technologies® plates - No recalibration required
  • Multiple formats - Tailor-made to fit all ABI®/Life Technologies® instruments
  • High performance 2-component design - Minimised evaporation enabling high performance, low volume PCR and qPCR
  • Polycarbonate frame - Supreme flatnes
  • Thin polypropylene tubes - Rapid temperature transfer, fast amplification, low bind
  • Cleanroom produced - certified RNase, DNase, Human Genomic DNA free
  • Custom barcoding options available - choose your code and position on the plate
  • Certificates of analysis available

Plate compatibility
Compatible with all ABI® instrumentation including:
  • ViiA™ 7 series
  • QuantStudio™ series
  • Veriti® series
  • ABI® standard Thermal cyclers
  • DNA and Genetic Analysers

please visit for full compatibility table to ensure you choose the correct plate for your instrument and block type.

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