Monday, September 14, 2009

Epoch with Take 3 Multi-volume spectrophotometer system promotion

BioTek     [Download PDF Version]

Measure samples as low as 2 μL with the world's most versatile multi-volume, multi-sample Spectrophotometer System.

  • Save valuable sample by using Take3 plate to quantify up to 16 samples in 2uL volumes of DNA, RNA and proteins without dilution
  • Detection limit down to 2 ng / ul dsDNA
  • Run 2uL samples, or samples contained in a microplate, standard cuvette, or the patented BioCell quartz cuvette
  • Dial in individual wavelengths from 200 - 999 nm
  • Perform rapid qualitative or quantitative analysis in microplates from 6- to 384- wells
  • Measure kinetic rates of reaction
  • Run multiplex assays quickly and easily
  • Save space on the benchtop with its very small footprint
  • Avoid costly maintenance with the robust, thoughtfully engineered optics and hardware
  • Take3 plate is also compatible to various Biotek microplate reader including Epoch, PowerwaveXS2 and Synergy!

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