Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gene Company to distribute Partek's Software in China

Announcement of new distributorship

We, Gene Company, proudly announce that we have entered into a strong alliance with Partek, Inc.

Partek® Genomics Suite
Partek® Genomics Suite
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We will sell, market, and support Partek's Genomics Suite, Discovery Suite, QSAR Solution, and the Partek Screening Solution.

Partek's software suites help analyze Geneion, chromosomal copy numbers, promoter tiling, as well as high-density SNP arrays, drug-discovery data and visualization, and high throughput screening.

Partek software is highly optimized for incredibly fast computations on today's large scientific experimental data. Partek's statistical analysis and data mining tools are based on proven methods that undergo rigorous testing to verify mathematical correctness, and our interactive 2-D and 3-D visualizations are linked together to facilitate powerful and intuitive exploratory data analysis. Partek offers several software solutions for different applications all designed with the specific data and scientist in mind. By using Partek software, you can be confident you are getting the right answers and getting them quickly.

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