Wednesday, May 21, 2008
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mmi CellCut

The cleanest cut in laser microdisection

The second generation of a much acclaimed cutting-edge tool, mmi CellCut® combines proven, leading-edge technologies to make the microdissection of paraffin samples, cryo samples, smears and cell cultures fast, precise and absolutely contamination-free.

mmi CellCut® consists of an inverted microscope, high precision xy-stage, solid state laser, CCD camera, computer and software. The solid state laser with a wavelength of 355 nm guarantees precise cutting without damaging the tissue; it will run maintenance-free for approximately 10000 hours.

The isolated samples are cleanly removed using the mmi Isolation Cap. The cap rests on the membrane and has no direct contact with the specimen. Only parts of the specimen that has been cut out to the lid. With the automatic cap lift all the procedures - the positioning of the cap above the cutting area, the sinking of the cap onto the membrane and retraction once the cells have been cut out - are controlled by software.

UV Cut Software
The high precision, motorized xy-stage is controlled through computer mouse or keyboard. An overview allows easy and fast navigation within the slide. Several positions of the stage can be stored to make finding of interesting areas easier.

Drawing tools:
For marking the cutting path, you can choose between free hand drawing and geometric figures and mark any many objects as you want, over the entire slide area - the objects will then be cut automatically.

a) Marking several areas for automatic dissectation
b) Computer controlled cutting with UV laser
c) Isolated dissectates

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