Wednesday, May 21, 2008
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mmi CellManipulator

A New generation in multi - beam twezers

A new generation in professional-standard multi-beam tweezers
mmi CellManipulator® is an optical trap that enables ultraprecise, contact-free manipulation of microscopic particles. The optical tweezers use a focused laser beam to trap, move and position single cells or sub-cellular and microscopic particles in a size range of approximately 0.1 micro - 200 micro.

The trapping action of optical tweezers is created because optical gradient force is more powerful than scattering and absorption forces. The trap itself is created by the effects of pressure generated by strongly focused laser light. A transparent particle with a refractive index greater than the medium inevitably moves towards the center of the beam, resulting in three-dimensional trapping.

Specially designed optics introduces the laser beam through the epifluorescence port of an inverted microscope. The same lens is used to view and trap particles immersed in a liquid. mmi CellManipulator® traps particles using a high-quality, YAG-type infrared laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm and 3 W trapping power. The wavelength was chosen because it does not destroy living organisms.


  • cell sorting
  • cell fusion
  • cell-cell interactions
  • measurement of binding forces or viscosities
  • neuroscience-related applications

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