Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Taigene LabTurbo

Fuly automated nucleic acid extraction workstation

Maximum Recovery

Complete removal of PCR inhibitors

High purity and reproducible yield

No cross-contamination

LabTurbo Extraction Technology
LabTurbo 36&trade is a low-throughput fully automated nucleic acid extraction workstation. It can process 1-36 samples per run and uses a 6-channel pipette to process liquid handling, mixing and the movement of 6-well spin column.

LabTurbo Extraction Technology is a universal fully-automated nucleic acid extraction technology that combines hardware, software, chemistry and optimized protocol. LabTurbo provides users with more economical options. Almost all commercial spin-column format kits can be used, and Nucleic acids will be eluted into 1.5/2.0 microcentrifuge tube in a 4oC cooling block. Tip reuse can decrease the tip consumption and costs of tips greatly. LabTurbo built-in video monitoring enables clog detection and ensures that samples, reagents, and labware are correctly loaded.

The manual process for worktable setup takes about 10~20 minutes and the whole automated extraction process takes about another one hour. Besides ready-to-run protocols, LabTurbo has a STD function that users just input protocol parameters such as sample number, reagent volume, lysis temperature, lysis time and elution volume, and then a new protocol is created and saved. This protocol can be used repeatedly.


  • Low-throughput purification from a wide range of sample types in spin-column format.
  • Up to 36 samples per run in just 60 minutes.
  • 6-channel pipette.
  • Optimized, ready-to-run protocols.
  • An open system that can be used with almost all commercial spin-column format kits and editable program.
  • Documentation & Monitoring.

Samples tube formats
1.5/2.0 microcentrifuge tube or collection tube.

Genomic DNA, Virus DNA/RNA, Total DNA/RNA, Plasmid DNA, and cleanup of DNA/RNA.

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