Wednesday, May 21, 2008
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Caliper LabChip90

Fast , automated 1-d electrophoretic separation

The LabChip 90 System performs fast, automated, 1-D electrophoretic separations of protein, DNA, and RNA samples directly from a 96 or 384 well plate. The LC90 can save time, money, and resources for labs running moderate to high quantities of slab gels or competitive chips. Caliper offers a broad portfolio of microfluidics chips to use with the instrument that makes it the perfect tool for applications like protein expression, QC of PCR samples, and QC of samples for Geneion studies. The instrument produces digital quantitative results. LabChip HT software provides sample data views either by virtual gel view, graph view, or data tables. The LabChip HT software also supports direct, automated, exporting of the data into LIMS systems for subsequent processing. The system also comes complete with DataViewer Analysis software to facilitate the comparison of data from multiple sample plates, and sharing results with global colleagues.


  • Protein Expression / Analysis
  • DNA Amplification / Sequencing
  • RNA "Geneion QC"

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