Wednesday, May 21, 2008
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3-D X-ray microscope system and solutions

Insight in 3D
Xradia designs and manufactures a suite of ultra-high resolution 3D x-ray microscopes and fluorescence imaging systems for non-destructive imaging of embedded internal structures. We offer industrial systems for applications from semiconductor metrology to advanced materials and life sciences applications.

Xradia's MicroXCT Series 3D tomographic x-ray transmission microscopes give you the ability to view "inside" your sample to see critical internal structure, features and defects. This enables you to see structure within your sample without destroying sample integrity and possibly even destroying the artifact or defect of interest.

  • MicroXCT&trade
    <1.5 resolution 3D X-ray Transmission Microscope
  • nanoXCT&trade
    <50 nm resolution 3D X-ray Transmission Microscope
  • nanoXFi&trade
    <80 nm resolution X-ray Fluorescence Imaging System
  • nanoPi&trade
    Nondestructive element-specific imaging at sub-30 nm resolution.

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