Luxcel: Plate reader based analysis of Cellular Metabolism, Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Toxicity
Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016
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Luxcel’s metabolic assays

Luxcel Bioscience

LUXCEL’s cell biology reagents offer a simple and convenient fluorescence-based, 96-well or 384-well approach to the direct real-time analysis of Mitochondrial Respiration (MitoXpress®Xtra – Oxygen Consumption Assay), Glycolysis(pH-Xtra™- Glycolysis Assay) and Intracellular Oxygen Concentration (MitoXpress®Intra – Intracellular OxygenAssay), for use with a standard fluorescence or TR-F plate reader.



1. MitoXpress® Xtra – Oxygen Consumption Assay (HS method)


• Direct measurement of extracellular oxygen consumption rate using O2 sensitive fluorescent probes

• Flexible to be applied in various targets:

  • whole cell populations (both adherent and suspension cells)
  • isolated mitochondria,
  • permeabilized cells

• 3D cultures including: tissues, small organisms, spheroids, scaffolds and matrixes.

• Easy “mix and measure” protocols, compatible with a range of commercial assays for mitochondrial membrane potential, reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and cellular ATP levels.


2. pH-Xtra™ - Glycolysis Assay

• Convenient Extracellular Acidification assessment (ECA)
• Cell based Glycolytic Flux

• also pH in biological and environmental samples

• Whole cells and 3D cultures

Combination of MitoXpress® Xtra – Oxygen Consumption Assay (HS method) and  pH-Xtra™ - Glycolysis Assay

• Measure glycolytic activity and mitochondria activity simulataneously.
• Ideal for drug screening

3. MitoXpress® Intra – Intracellular Oxygen Assay

• Direct measurement of intracellular oxygen consumption rate using O2 sensitive probes, which enter the cell by endocytosis.

• Generate real-time information on [O2] within the cell monolayer or 3D structures across multiple samples.

• Ideal for Hypoxia studies by controlling the ambient O2 concentration.


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