Wednesday, Sept 16, 2015
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Agilent SureFish

Agilent Technologies

Bright, Balanced, Co-localized Signals
Powered by Agilent oligo synthesis technology, these new probes offer brighter, more balanced, co-localized signals with lower background compared to competing BAC FISH probes.
  • Brightness: Our new oligo design algorithm and labeling chemistry offer a brighter signal than probes
  • Low Background Noise: Agilent's oligo FISH probes target regions that are repeat free, enabling low background and minimal cross hybridization
  • Balance: Oligo FISH technology provides total flexibility on size of targeted region and number of oligos, enabling optimal signal balance between child probes
  • >Co-localized Signals: SureFISH's unique micro-gap design leads to tight co-localization of child probes, enabling quick and accurate analysis

SureFISH ALK probe signal in two samples

ALK probe for both samples was hybridized for 75 minutes followed by visualization on an epi-fluorescent microscope. (Left) Image of an FFPE sample showing co-localization of the red and green signals, consistent with an intact ALK gene (no rearrangement). (Right) Image of an FFPE sample showing a distinct green and a distinct red foci, indicating a rearrangement involving the ALK gene.

ROS1 (left) and RET (right) probe signal on samples

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