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Selection guide for Biotek microplate reader


BioTek offers an extensive range of microplate readers, from the Synergy™ Neo Multi-Mode Microplate Reader to the ELx800™, a basic ELISA reader used in tens of thousands of laboratories around the globe. Included in the BioTek reader product range are Hybrid readers, multi-mode readers, fluorometers, luminometers and a variety of both monochromator-based spectrophotometers and filter-based absorbance readers.

Which microplate reader suits your research best?
1. Hybrid Technology Multi-Mode Microplate Readers
Hybride Technology multi-mode readers are built to cover the broadest range of application, combining a flexible monochromator detection system and a high efficiency filter/dichroic detection system in one instrument. The latest machine even combines 60x digital microscopy capability into the already all purpose reader.
Verdict: best suit for Lab requires all round reader, such as core facilities and Laboratory with wide range of applications need.
Synergy™ Neo
High-throughput screening
Cytation™ 5 & Cytation™ 3
Cell imaging
All purpose detection
Synergy™ H1
All purpose Hybrid technology reader

2. Multi-Mode Microplate Readers
Multi-Mode microplate readers are built to perform filter based fluorescence/ luminescence assay with high accuracy and flexible monochromator based absorbance assay. These readers offer flexibility and ease of use over a broad range of applications and features outstanding specification for performance and economy.
Verdict: Best suit individual lab with specific application needs such as TRF, alphascreen, while combine flexibility to use application such as absorbance and basic fluorescence assay
Synergy™ 2
Multi-mode Reader for TRF, Fluorescence polarization and alphascreen

Synergy™ HTX
Budget multi-mode reader with TRF & alphascreen capability
Multi-mode reader selection guide
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3. Fluorescence Microplate Readers
BioTek offers a wide choice in fluorescence detection, from the low-cost, highly sensitive FLx800™ to the modular Synergy™, BioTek has the fluorescence reader you need.
Please see multi-mode reader section for advanced fluorescence reader.
Verdict: Cost-effective filter based system, best for lab with needs for only basic fluorescence assay

FLx800™ Multi-Detection Microplate Reader combines excellent specifications and performance with convenience and ease of use.
The FLx800 line includes several models with options that meet the specific needs of research and OEM users.
Top and bottom reading are available to read from 6-well to 384-well microplates.

4. Absorbance Microplate Readers
BioTek's absorbance readers provide total flexibility for many applications. From basic ELISA to high throughput detection, the absorbance readers offer tremendous functionality. The monochromator based instruments provide UV-VIS detection while the filter-based systems offer great performance and good value.
Verdict: Best value absorbance readers, range of models are available to suit you budget and needs
Epoch™ 2
Absorbance reader with cuvette and microvolume capability

Compact and reliable absorbance reader
Absorbance reader selection guide
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For more information, please contact us or visit www.biotek.com

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