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Trinean DropSense96™ & cDropTM: Micro-volume nucleic acid quantification and purity check with Spectral content profiling

Trinean DropSense96™

DropSense 96 TM
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The Trinean DropSense96 UV/VIS droplet reader is designed for high throughput quantification of native nucleic acid or protein samples. Combined with its unique microfluidic 96well DropPlates, micro-volume quantification is made possible in a fully automated workflow. A complete software toolbox is available for detailed sample QC, robot integration and compliance in regulatory environments.

  • Instant full UV/VIS spectral analysis (220-750 nm)
  • 2μl per sample, microfluidic sample storage
  • Flexible read-out of DropPlates or standard 96 well plates
  • Label-free DNA/RNA and protein quantification
  • large absorbance range 0,1 - 200 OD (10 mm equivalent, DropPlate D+)
  • Quick read < 5 min for 96 samples
  • Parallel optical channel for lamp monitoring
  • Operated with DropQuant software
  • Simple integration into liquid handlers

Spectral content profiling by cDropTM software
Spectral content profiling is a unique analytical software package exploiting the full potential of UV/VIS spectral measurements allowing specific quantification of extracted nucleic acid samples, PCR products or proteins.
Tuned to the unique UV/VIS capabilities of DropSense96, the proprietary software algorithms verify the presence of absorbing contaminants by assessing their particular spectral contribution.
As a result, the measured spectrum is decomposed into the spectra of the sample components, allowing specific quantification of the biomolecule of interest as well as evaluates the quality of the sample.
Spectral content profiling is an ideal tool to assure the quality of extracted samples prior to performing complex tests or evaluation of the extraction process itself.
For more details, please watch a webinar here or take a look at our application notes in the service & support section.

cDrop™ key domains
  • Accurate normalization before PCR/qPCR
  • DNA or RNA isolation optimization
  • Dye-free protein quantification
  • Biostorage QC
  • Sample QC before (NGS) sequencing
  • Quick read < 5 min for 96 samples
  • Quick PCR amplification analysis

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