Tuesday, Dec 30, 2014
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Webinar : NGS-Quality DNA & RNA Sample Preparation from FFPE sample

Title: NGS-Quality Sample Preparation with Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA™)

NGS-Quality Sample Preparation
with Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA™)
Date: 22nd Jan, 2014 Thursday
Time: 2 pm Hong Kong Time
Speaker: Dr. Hamid Khoja,
Principal Scientist, Covaris Inc.

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In this presentation Dr. Hamid Khoja will illustrate the advantages of AFA technology in clinically significant applications (NGS, FFPE, ChIP) and will demonstrate the flexibility of Covaris AFA in delivering precise and highly-reproducible DNA and RNA fragmentation regardless of fragment size requirements.

NGS-quality DNA and RNA shearing
Covaris AFA is considered to be the gold standard for DNA shearing for all NGS platforms in both R&D and clinical settings. Rapid advancements in genomic analysis technologies fuel the demand for advances in nucleic acid fragmentation technologies. In this presentation, we will discuss how Covaris AFA provides advanced sample preparation that out-performs the inherent limitations of ordinary sample prep technologies.

NGS-quality FFPE nucleic acid extraction
The novel truXTRAC™ method utilizes highly controlled focused acoustic energy for the effective removal of paraffin from FFPE cores, sections, and slides. truXTRAC enables rapid tissue rehydration, tissue digestion, crosslink reversal, and efficient nucleic acid release without the use of any dangerous organic solvents or messy mineral oils. We will present data from a variety of tissue types and will compare the performance of different extraction methods on the same FFPE tissue section for the simultaneous extraction of NGS-quality DNA and total RNA. More importantly, for clinical medicine, we will also illustrate how the Covaris method translates into extraction and purification of high quality DNA and RNA for NGS library preparation

Chromatin shearing for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP)
We will present data illustrating the use of isothermal and highly-controllable Covaris AFA technology for ChIP while maintaining a high degree of epitope integrity, and the universal AFA-optimized truChIP™ reagents developed to deliver exceptional fragmentation of chromatin from any mammalian cells or tissues.

Speaker Biography
Hamid Khoja Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Covaris Inc.

Dr. Hamid Khoja brings years of experience in assay, protocol, and kit development in the field of molecular biology. Recently, Dr. Khoja has helped advance FFPE DNA and RNA extraction by utilizing Covaris' patented Adaptive Focused Acoustics Technology to develop a robust protocol and the truXTRAC™ purification kits. Previously, as a research scientist, Dr. Khoja developed several kits and high throughput assays for internal research initiatives, including branched DNA assays for oncogene quantification, Mass spectrometer based assays for CFTR and other disease mutation analysis, kits for ChIP-ChIP assays and the truChIP™ Chromatin Shearing reagent kits optimizing chromatin shearing for ChIP applications.

Covaris® truXTRAC™ FFPE RNA and DNA Extraction

Active paraffin removal in aqueous buffer
Paraffin is actively removed from the FFPE tissue sample by the finely controlled and reproducible acoustic energy provided by Covaris Focused-ultrasonicators. The entire process is performed in a single tube without transfer steps. DNA and RNA are typically ready for library preparation or other analytical methods in 3 hours.
  • Reproducible & operator independent process
  • Aqueous buffer, no organic solvent
  • Reduced hands on time
  • Complete paraffin removal for complete sample rehydration

The method could
  • Extract NGS-quality RNA and DNA from FFPE tissues
  • Provide High extraction yields
  • Gives simple, fast and scalable workflow
  • Provides seamless integration with NGS applications

See the information and data here

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