Tuesday, Nov 18, 2014
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Truly quantitative solution for western blot : Li-Cor Odyssey® infra-red imaging technology

Li-Cor Odyssey® Family

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  • Wide Linear Range
    Accurately detect strong and weak signals over a broad linear dynamic range. Signal is directly proportion to amount of target, allowing true quantification on western blot.
  • AutoScan Function
    Eliminate the guesswork of finding the correct manual intensity and need for re-imaging data.This function results in a dynamic range of greater than six logs, with minimized saturation.
  • Two-Color Detection and Quantification
    Detect two targets simultaneously on the same membrane increases the accuracy of quantification and comparison.
  • High Sensitivity
    Near-infrared fluorescence provides sensitivity equal or better than chemiluminescence giving you low background, high signal-to-noise, multiplexed detection, and the sensitivity of any fluorescent system
  • Direct Detection for Better Data and a Cleaner Planet
    No film, a darkroom, plastic wrap, or substrates. IRDye signals on membranes are stable indefinitely if stored properly.
  • Flexible System with Many Applicationst
    The Odyssey System can be used for many applications (see below and brochure)


  • Quantitative Western Blot
  • Chemiluminescent Western Blots
  • Coomassie-Stained Gels
  • DNA Gels Staining
  • Protein Arrays
  • On-Cell Western Assays
  • EMSA/Gel Shift Assays
  • Tissue Section Imaging
  • Whole Organ Imaging
  • Small Animal Imaging
  • In-Cell Wester™ Assay

For more information, please contact us or visit licor.com

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