Tuesday, August 12, 2014
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Microfluidic Electrophoretic analysis for RNA, DNA and Protein with New LabChip®GX touch and GXII touch

LabChipp® GX touch, GXII Touch, GX touch 24

LabChip® GX Touch microfluidics technology offers unparalleled electrophoresis separation for High Sensitivity DNA/RNA analysis, DNA smear analysis, and RNA and gDNA integrity analysis on one platform. Even occasional or novice users can start running samples quickly with the simple to use touch screen interface and data visualization capabilities.

LabChip® GXII Touch can analyze 96 protein samples in less than an hour, virtually eliminating throughput bottlenecks and improving efficiency. The LabChip GX Touch 24 makes efficient and easy work of medium to low throughput sample runs saving both time and reagent expense over manual gels and 8 or 16 sample platforms. With sample acquisition time less than a minute, the LabChip® GX Touch HT can thoroughly analyze 96 samples in less than an hour, virtually eliminating throughput bottlenecks and improving efficiency. Up to 384 samples can be analyzed in one single experiment.

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LabChip® GX Touch
LabChip® GXII Touch

New GX touch interface

LabChip GX Touch data analysis software allows users to visualize results via an electropherogram or virtual gel view. Additionally it provides data in tabular form, which can then be analyzed or easily exported into a spreadsheet format

  • Compact Benchtop Footprint with touch screen operation
  • Efficient up to 24 sample platform-savestime and reagent expense; up to 384-well for high throughput workflow
  • Runs samples directly from both 96- and 384-well plates
  • Automation capable
  • Integral barcode scanner
  • Rapid, touch screen sample analysis - in as little time as 30 sec/sample
  • Data query and sample comparisons via software filters
  • Automated data export in friendly formats

For more information, please contact us or visit www.PerkinElmer.com

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