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Trinean Xpose: microvolume nucleic acid quantification with spectral content profiling

Trinean Xpose

Spectral content profiling by Trinean Xpose on-board software

dsDNA spectral deconvolution
How to use the spectral content profiling
  1. Pipette sample into the Xpose slide
  2. Select measurement details, slide type and layout
  3. Insert slide into Xpose to read
  4. Select sample type & sample source
  5. Take out the slide when the measurement is done
  6. Result will be shown as above
Features of Xpose software
  • Spectral background check by turbidity detection
  • Spectral differentiation of molecule of interest
  • Subtraction of other absorbing impurities
  • Specific quantification of the DNA, RNA or protein fraction
Read the Application notes:DNA quantification by UV/VIS-based cDrop&trade method vs Picogreen® fluorescent assay for more details about spectral content profiling

The Xpose instrument
The Xpose is a compact, benchtop spectrophotometer for high-speed quantification of DNA, RNA or protein samples.
Using its microfluidic slides, 1 to 16 micro-volume samples (2 μl) can be prepared on any bench before starting the measurement. This avoids time consuming sample loading and cleaning steps on the instrument, leading to minimal hands-on time and a fast read-out of 1.5 minutes for 16 samples. The large, full color touch screen allows easy experiment design using predefined quantification protocols.

The Xpose Slides
Microfluidic sample carriers
The Trinean Xpose slides are unique microfluidic carriers fit for easy loading of 2 μl samples. On-board capillary channels protect the samples after pipetting and allow sample preparation away from the Xpose with minimal hands-on time on the instrument.

Key benefits:
  • 2 μl samples
  • Easy sample loading with capillary intake and storage
  • Samples stable up to 2 hours (No evaporation)
  • Flexible loading of 1 to 16 samples on the Xpose slide

Measurement chamber on Xpose slide-200

Xpose slide-40 Xpose slide-200

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