Wednesday, June 04, 2014
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Transformation of Nucleofection™: From original Nucleofector™ to the 4D-Nucleofector™ system

Lonza Nucleofector™ System

Improvement of the original magnificent Nucleofector™ Technology

4D-NucleofectorTM complete system(including Core unit, X unit & Y unit)
Conductive polymer electrodes
  • Cell death reduction, 23%-40% viability improvemnt(including human adult NHDF, rat cortical neurons, mouse B cell)
  • Reduce needs of quick manual work with metal electrode based eletroporation and nuncleofecion
Direct adherent transfection - Y unit
  • Direct adherent neuron transfection on culture plate
  • Eliminate stress for neuron transfection in tradition electroporation due to requirement of transfection before seeding
  • Allow transfection at any time point of culturing
New simplified consumables
  • 5 Primary cell kit
    • P1: Smooth muscle cell and stem cell
    • P2: Fibroblast
    • P3: Hematopoietic cells, neural cells & Fibroblast
    • P4: B cell, Dendritic cell, Neural stem cell
    • P5: endothelial Cell
  • 3 Cell line kit
    • SE/SF/SG - 2 Adherent cell kit - neural cell
Multiple format for different application
  • 5 different formats options for different throughput and applications
    • 100ul Nucleocuvette™
    • 16 well Nucleocuvette™ strip(20ul)
    • 24 well culture plate with Dipping Electrode Array for adherent cell
    • 96 well Nucleocuvette™ plate (20ul)
    • 384 wel Nucleocuvette™ plate (20ul)
Compatibility with future upgrade
  • System is highly modulated
  • Modules are selectable based on application and throughput
    • X unit for low-mid throughput Y unit for adherent cell transfection
    • 96 well shuttle™ & HT Nucleofector™ system for high throughput applications
  • Upgradable after purchase
  • Introduction of Nucleofector technology

HT Nucleofector™ system (384 well format)

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