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CellCut Plus: Laser microdissection for cell isolation from tissue and live cell

Molecular Machine & Industries Cellcut plus

MMI CellCut Plus with Olympus IX83 motorized inverted microscope
MMI CellCut Plus
The MMI CellCut Plus was designed for the quick and precise isolation of cells and tissue and so is an essential tool for molecular pathology. A wide variety of sample types including fresh frozen, paraffin embedded, archived slides, cytospins, smears and live cells can all be used for diagnostic purposes.

The MMI CellCut Plus enables cell selection quickly and easily directly on the touch screen. The cells of interest are marked and cut automatically using a precisely focused UV-Laser. The microdissected samples are collected for downstream analysis. This results in a pure cell population for reliable analysis and diagnosis.

The MMI CellCut Plus is highly modular and can be mounted on numerous brands of microscope from entry level, mid range to high end, suitable for the most routine to the most complex research applications.
  • Expandability and compatibility the CellCut Plus could be integrated to both manual and motorized microscope with fluorescence/phase contrast configuration
  • Contamination free cutting & collection with membrane-sample-glass sandwich
  • Maximum sample collection with the MMI CapLift technology
  • The thinnest cleanest cut with high pulse rate, low energy laser
  • Z-drill refocus on different z-level for thick and wet tissue cuttingApplications include virtually any type of nucleic acid analysis.
  • Positive sample inspection allow direct inspection of collected sample
  • Predefined Target Positioning (PTP) allow pre-defined positioning on cap for tracking and inspection
  • Autodocumentation automatic record of image of PTP and related info
  • MMI LiveCell Chamber allows live cell dissection with the CellCut Plus
  • MMI MultiCap and MMI MultiSlide speed up collection to avoid RNA degradation in RNA related downstream application
  • Serial section correlating position on serial section to reduce staining related damage to RNA in sample
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