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Sequenom Massarray: MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry based genomics analytical instrumentation

Sequenom Massarray Analyzer 4

MassArray Analyzer 4
MassARRAY system
The MassARRAY system is a benchtop MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer specifically designed for genomic research applications. With the ability to automatically process up to two multiplexed 96- and 384-well SpectroCHIP arrays per run, the MassARRAY system can analyze from dozens to over 100,000 genotypes per day, and from tens to thousands of samples.

MALDI-TOF Mass Spectometry Technology
Although MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry is widely used for proteomics applications such as peptide mass fingerprinting, Sequenom Bioscience is one of the few companies that has adopted MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for genomic applications to analyze nucleic acids. The MassARRAY® System offers exquisite sensitivity and capability for high throughput genetic analysis.

Why mass spectrometry is a better nucleic acid detector:
  • High resolution resolves non-specific background from signal - thus very high sensitivity.
  • Large mass window allows multiplexing many analytes into a single spectrum - hence high throughput and simple work flow.
  • Absolute concentration can be measured with higher precision than other methods.
  • Automation assay design and data interpretation means no mass spec expertise required.
  • Applications include virtually any type of nucleic acid analysis.
How it works
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MassARRAY Analyzer 4 SystemThe MassARRAY technology is used by the leading genetics institutions worldwide. The bench top MassARRAY Analyzer 4 system is a multi-application platform that addresses the following applications:
  • Quantitative Methylation Analysis
  • SNP Genotyping
  • Somatic Mutations
  • Quantitative Gene Expression
  • Comparative Sequence Analysis

Quantitative Methylation Analysis
Sequenom Bioscience's MassARRAY® EpiTYPER® DNA methylation application is the method of choice for the quantitative analysis of DNA methylation and identification of differentially methylated CpG sites in any genomic region or candidate region, providing you with accurate, quantitative, and reproducible DNA methylation mapping.
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SNP Genotyping
Sequenom Bioscience's iPLEX® reagents are a leading technology for SNP genotyping, referenced in over 1,300 peer-reviewed publications since they were first introduced in 2006. The MassARRAY® System is widely used for fine mapping, linkage studies, and routine genetic testing of SNP panels of interest.
The iPLEX reagents allow you to routinely design assays at a multiplexing level of 36-plex, which gives a high level of flexibility and a low cost per genotype.
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Quantitative Gene Expression(Precise. Sensitive. Flexible)
MassARRAY QGE precisely measures gene expression levels from a wide variety of samples using the iPLEX single base extension method coupled with real-time competitive PCR. It is an ideal solution for post-array or NGS validation for gene expression-based biomarker panels. Unlike most other targeted gene expression analysis methods, QGE measurements are based on mass and not fluorescence. It enables absolute quantification of transcripts as well as allele-specific expression.
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