Tuesday, Feb 05, 2014
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Protein analysis bundle: Total solution for analysis using protein gel & blot

Hoefer SE300 miniVE, Lonza PAGEr® Precast Gel, Syngene G-box

Hoefer Lonza Syngene

Gene Company provides a total solution for protein analysis. Fully compatible with each other and provide a convenient solution to your protein analysis.

Hoefer MiniVE - 2 in 1 electrophoresis and electrotransfer unit
Contain blotting module and electrophoresis module for multiple function in same gel tank

Lonza PAGEr® precast gel, staining kit and transfer kit
Fast and convenient solution for protein analysis at a affordable price.

Syngene G-box, Gel documentation
Decent Gel documentation unit with excellent imaging quality. User-friendly interface for complex manipulation.

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