Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014
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Application note: DNA quantification by UV/VIS-based cDrop™ method vs Picogreen® fluorescent assay

Trinean Dropsense96 polychromatic droplet plate reader

Genomic DNA samples were quantified using Picogreen® assay (green), A260 method (grey) and the cDrop (Blue) content analysis.

cDrop™ software is a new analytical software tool, designed as an add-on to the Trinean DropQuant software allowing full UV/VIS spectral analysis of the samples with Trinean Dropsense96. This application note provides comparison of results on DNA quantification between the three methods: direct A260 measurement that is easy to perform but suffers from contamination problem, DNA specific fluorescent assay Picogreen® that requires inconvenient process such as multiple dilution, and the new analytical tool Trinean cDrop software that is based on UV/VIS spectrophotometry data.

As the bar chart shown, the cDrop methodology has significant improvement over direct A260 measurement, and provides result correlated to DNA-specific Picogreen® assay.

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About Dropsense 96 polychromatic droplet plate reader

The Trinean DropSense 96® is an innovative spectro photometer generating high quality spectral data Key features
  • Droplet samples: 2 µl
  • Instant full UV/VIS spectral analysis (230-750nm)
  • Specific quantification of biomolecules in the presence of contaminants using cDrop
  • Fast measurements: < 5 minutes to read a full 96well DropPlate
  • Flexible use: manual or integrated into a liquid handling robot
  • Wide dynamic range: no extra dilution steps (from 5 to 10.000 ng/ul dsDNA, no dilution required)
  • Easy sample data import and results export (LIMS compatible)


For more information, please contact us or visit www.Trinean.com

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