Monday, Dec 23, 2013
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Cytation™3: Newly updated with 60x magnification automated imaging plus multi-mode reader

Biotek® Cytation™ 3 Cell Imaging Multi-mode reader

Cytation3 is a cell imaging multi-mode microplate reader that combines automated digital microscopy and conventional microplate detection. This unique patent pending design provides rich phenotypic cellular information with well-based quantitative data. The multi-mode microplate detection system features patented Hybrid Technology™, incorporating both high sensitivity filter-based and flexible monochromator based optics for unmatched versatility and performance. The automated microscopy module provides researchers rich cellular visualization analysis without the complexity and expense of automated digital microscopy.

Automated Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy
Cytation3 offers affordable high quality fluorescence and brightfield microscopy, with auto XY stage, auto focus, auto exposure and auto LED intensity. Cytation3 automates routine microscopy and image analysis for all user experience levels. Now updated to provide image ranging from 2x full-well image to 60x submicron intracellular details.

Hybrid Technology™
BioTek brings the patented Hybrid Technology to the Cytation3 multi-mode detection system. The unique design incorporates monochromator-based and filter-based optics in one platform, providing great flexibility and optimal sensitivity for a variety of applications in HTS, research and drug discovery laboratories. When combined with the powerful automated microscopy capability, Cytation3 offers unsurpassed versatility for many important cell-based applications.

Workflow Efficiency
With a system like Cytation3, workflow steps can be combined for efficiency and fast results. Use the multi-mode detection system to quickly scan the plate and hit-pick those wells for imaging that meet a defined threshold intensity.
This saves valuable time, reduces data collection, analysis and storage requirements - ultimately reducing costs.

Live Cell Assays
To create the ideal environment for live cell assays, a Gas Controller is available to monitor and control CO2 and O2 levels in the system. Along with the temperature control to 45°C and user programmable orbital, double orbital or linear shaking, Cytation3 provides the ideal platform for a variety of assays using live cells.

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