Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013
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GENESPEED, a brand new series of product by Gene

GENESPEED Centrifuge



GENESPEED is one of our first own brand product to be introduced. GENESPEED provides large varieties of laboratory centrifuge for different applications, from personal compact micro-centrifuge to multipurpose high volume centrifuges. There are 3 centrifuge selection ranges as shown below for providing best options to your application at affordable pricing.

Compact Microcentrifuge Low speed centrifuge Multipurpose centrifuge
1524 406 1580

X1, 1524, 1730R or 1736R Personal, compact micro with pulse function for quick run, rapid acceleration/deceleration, complete with fixed angle rotors, speeds to 17.000 rpm.

406 & 416 Low Speed Centrifuge, with fixed angle rotor (6x15ml tube) or (16x15m tube), 4.000 rpm or Swing-out bucket rotor (6x50ml) complete with buckets

1096R, 1236R, 1248 & 1248R, 1580 & 1580R, 2236R , Multi-purpose centrifuge, up to 22.000rpm, wide range of rotors to 6 x 1 liter, auto rotor recognition, 100 program memory, to 10 acceleration/deceleration ramps

For more information, please contact our sales Team at 2897-6221

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