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EpiGnome™ : preparation for your Methylation analysis

Epicentre® Biotechnologies

Epicentre's methyl-seq kit produces whole genome bisulfite sequencing libraries from only 50ng of genomic DNA. EpiGnome™ follows a unique "post-bisulfite conversion" library construction method which yields highly diverse libraries with uniform coverage. This "post-bisulfite conversion" library construction method uses bisulfite-treated single-stranded DNA as template for the subsequent addition of adapter sequences required for cluster generation and sequencing. Thus, single-stranded DNA fragments independent of size and position of strand breaks remain viable templates for library construction, eliminating the loss of fragments and the selection bias associated with a post-library- construction bisulfite conversion strategy

  • Pre-library bisulfite conversion
  • Highly diverse libraries
  • Uniform CpG, CHG, and CHH coverage
  • 1-day procedure
  • Only 50 ng into bisulfite-conversion

  • Library Prep for Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing

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Bisulfite treated ssDNA is random primed using a polymerase able to read uracil nucleotides to synthesize DNA strands containing a specific sequence tag as shown in figure 1. The 3'-ends of the newly synthesized DNA strands are then selectively tagged with a second specific sequence tag using a patented procedure resulting in di-tagged DNA molecules with known sequence tags at its 5' and 3' ends. The di-tagged DNA is enriched in PCR resulting in dsDNA with the appropriate sequences required for sequencing on any Illumina platform.

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