Friday, Nov 15, 2013
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TransOMIC : Advanced RNAi design and best value over-expression cDNA

TransOMIC technologies

shERWOOD Algorithm, microRNA context for guaranteed potency

PLATINUM Select Retroviral microRNA-adapted shRNA (shRNA-mir) collections are based on the next generation shERWOOD algorithm for shRNA design developed by Dr. Greg Hannon at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL).

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Data collected from the functional testing of 270,000 shRNA sequences was used to train the shERWOOD algorithm to design shRNA sequences optimized for increased processing and potency even at single copy representation.

shERWOOD Algorithm for shRNA design - Advantages
  • Enhanced potency for 100% guaranteed knockdown
  • Enhanced potency for 100% guaranteed knockdown
  • shRNA-mir designs are scored and ranked per gene

MGC premier Expression-Ready cDNA
for Human, Mouse, Rat and Bovine genomes

Expression-Ready vector options combined with the highest quality full-length cDNA content provide the fastest path to a successful experiment. All MGC premier Expression-Ready cDNA clones come with a 100% guarantee* for sequence integrity and expression of the cloned gene.
  • Best option for native protein expression
  • Fully sequenced - better confidence in your results
  • Strong promoter - robust expression from the CMV promoter
  • Choice of selectable marker - transient or stable expression

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