Tuesday, Sept 17, 2013
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Genomic DNA Assay For LabChip™ GX Analytical Microfluidics

Caliper Labchip GX Genomic DNA LabChip Kit

Geonmic DNA kit for LabChip™ GX is a fast and reproducible alternative to agarose gel electrophoresis. The kit allows analysis of DNA larger than 40 kbp.

The samples are aspirated one-by-one into the chip automatically through the sipper capillary. Once a sample is in the chip, it is stained, separated, and detected in microfluidic channels.

There are two chip preparation schemes indicated in the chip diagram, one for the analysis of 24 samples and the other for 48 samples per run.

The analysis time for each sample is 2.5 minutes. Results are displayed as both an electropherogram and as a virtual gel as shown.

In addition, a gDNA quality score (GQS) is derived from the size distribution of the gDNA; this score ranging from 0 to 5, and the sample concentration are reported by the software.

  • Automated quality assessment of 1-48 samples in each run.
  • Genomic Quality Score calculated for assessing each sample's quality.
  • Fast analysis: Know where your samples stand in minutes.
Read the Genomic DNA Quick Guide for details of the genomic DNA kit

For more information about Caliper Labchip GX, check the specification below of the Genomic DNA kit.

For more information, please contact us or visit www.perkinelmer.com or www.genehk.com

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