Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013
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Introducing the World's First "Smart Flow Cytometer™"


The Moxi Flow™ smart flow cytometer

The operating principle behind the Moxi Flow Smart Flow Cytometer is a unique combination of Coulter-style cell size determination with simultaneous fluorescence detection.

As cells flow single file through the microfabricated single-use flow cell the volume of each particle is measured at the exact same time as their primary fluorescence is measured using a 532nm solid state diode laser.

Thousands of cells are measured in the 10 second read time and the data are plotted in a gradient density scatter plot as Cell size (volume) vs. Fluorescence (PMT voltage).

Gating is easily performed on the unit using a interactive touch display, and the resulting live/dead ratios are automatically calculated (depending on the app selected).

The analyzed data can also be displayed as a two color size histogram. Total volumetric cell counts are automatically determined for each test by precisely measuring the volume of fluid being analyzed.

Moxi Flow™

Why you want Moxi flow Moxi Flow™ over other cell counting method

A color density dot plot and ORFLO's unique Color Viability Histogram™ that displays both the live cells (green) and dead cell (red) on one are generated for easy reading of size histogram

  • "Plug and Play" Simplicity
    - No set up needed, just plug the cassette and load your sample, results pop up in 10sec
  • Versatile
    - Able to run two parameter cytometry mode for customization of assay and flexibility
  • Access your FCS compatible Data with "USB-on-the-Go"
    - Data can be transferred with USB port and are analyzable with standard software
  • Incredible Performance in a Small Package
    - Accuracy>95%
    - Multiple application options

  • Applications

    Moxi Flow comes with pre-loaded applications that are optimized for each assay. New applications are always under development and will be released, free of charge, to existing Moxi Flow owners via downloadable OS updates. The current applications are:

  • Viability with PI
  • Apoptosis (Annexin V-PE)
  • 2 Parameter Flow Cytometry
  • Size Histogram
  • Fluorescence Bead Assay

  • Kinetic progression of apoptosis in Camptothecin-treated (50uM) Jurkat cells. Images show Fluorescence vs. size scatter plots at post-treatment times of: 2 hour

    Fluoresence vs. size scatter plot of anti-human CD4 - PE labeled PBMC's (Ficoll-purified).

    Size histogram of anti-human CD4 - PE labeled PBMC's (Ficoll-purified) with CD4+ cells in red and CD4- cells in green. Left-most cell peak is RBC- contaminated population, middle peak is predominantly lymphocyte cells and right peak is predominantly monocyte cells.

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