Friday, June 21, 2013
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Automated Electrophoretic Separations of RNA, DNA and Protein by microfluidic analysis

Caliper - LabChip|GX/GXII

The LabChip GX and GXII provide fast and easy way to analyze RNA, DNA, and protein samples across a wide range of molecule and fragment sizes. Performing sample analysis with these assays on the LabChip GX/GXII instruments saves time and money by automating the necessary steps for electrophoretic separations. The LabChip GX is designed for both RNA and DNA analysis, while the LabChip GXII runs RNA, DNA, and also protein assays. The LabChip GX/GXII Electrophoresis Systems use a single sipper microfluidic chip to aspirate samples directly from 96- or 384-well plates. The instrument optics detect samples by laser-induced fluorescence. System software automatically analyzes the data and provides sizing and quantification using ladder and marker calibration standards. Digital data results are immediately available for review or reporting in virtual gel, electropherogram graph, or table summary form.

Digital data results -virtual gel, electropherogram graph, or table summary form.

Left: LabChip Virtual gel data for ladder and PCR fragments
Cenre and Right: Agarose gel image: land 1-ladder, land 2-PCR fragments, land 3-PhiX174/Hinf1


Protein Chip


  • Compact Benchtop Footprint
  • Runs samples directly from both 96- and 384-well plates
  • Automation capable
  • Integral barcode scanner
  • Complete sample analysis in as little as 30 seconds per sample
  • Powerful data collection and analysis software with unlimited licenses
  • Data query and sample comparisons via software filters
  • Automated data export in friendly formats

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