Friday, June 21, 2013
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Advanced Nucleic Acid Size Selection and Collection for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)



Caliper XT chips,
1) DNA 300 Assay kit,
2) DNA 750 Assay kit

The LabChip XT and XTe perform fast, automated nucleic acid fractionation accurately and reproducibly using Caliper's proprietary microfluidics. By using intersecting microfluidic channels, optical detection and computer control, we can automatically extract a target band during separation and route the selected material to a collection well. The resulting sample is accurately sized and is delivered in a sequencing compatible buffer. The XT and XTe improve laboratory efficiency and provide sizing that is difficult to obtain by using manual methods.


  • Reduce wasted "non-align" reads with tight size selection
  • Increase average read length by excluding shorter fragments
  • Faster sample processing maximizes use of sequencer
  • Reduce waste and exposure to harmful reagents
  • Improve efficiency with high recovery

The LabChip XT eliminates manual gel isolations from your sequencing library preparation!!

Five Simple Steps Make the LabChip XT Easy to Use

1) Samples are loaded onto the prepared chip
2) Place chip on instrument. Barcode reader identifies chip and assay
3) Select sizes for Extraction. Choose from several different collection modes
4) Sizing and extraction is automated via software
5) Fractionated samples can be pipetted out of the collection well and is ready for downstream processing

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