Wednesday, February 20, 2013
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Digital Film for Chemilluminescent Western Blots

Licor C-DiGit Blot Scanner

Digital film for chemi westerns has arrived

The LI-COR C-DiGit Chemiluminescence Western Blot Scanner is the perfect integration of quality and price. The C-DiGit Scanner helps you develop film-quality images without the hassle and expense of film development. Speaking of expense, the C-DiGit Scanner addresses your funding woes in two ways: it's very affordable and it doesn't require film - in fact, the C-DiGit Scanner will pay for itself with your savings on film.

Chemiluminescence imaging without film or changes to your protocol

The C-DiGit Scanner maintains the simplicity of film exposures without the mess of the darkroom. Did we mention that your current chemiluminescent Western blot protocol doesn't have to change? You perform all of the same steps, without buying film and spending time in the darkroom. The C-DiGit Scanner gives you a complete digital replacement for film - keeping the advantages of film and eliminating many of the drawbacks.

Fig 1. Comparison of western blot image of C-DiGit Blot Scanner and film
Fig 2. C-DiGit Blot Scanner imaging: Signal decrease was much more gradual, and tonal variations were seen (625 - 156 ng)

The LI-COR C-DiGit Scanner - Everything you love about film, without the hassles,

  • No multiple exposures
  • No saturation
  • No developer
  • No darkroom
  • No mess
  • No separate analysis
  • Lower expense

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