Thursday, September 15, 2011
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Moxi Z - The first automatic cell count in 8 seconds in the world


Moxi Z is the only automated cell counter that combines the Coulter Principle typically used in high-end cell counters with a patented thin-film sensor technology to allow particle sizing and counting for the broadest size range (2-34 microns). It also provides an assessment of live/dead cells using a proprietary software algorithm to report the standardized Moxi Viability Index (MVI).

This revolutionary ultra-small footprint instrument allows for characterization of particulates in a wide variety of applications, from mammalian cells to yeast, algae and more.

Designed to overcome the tedium associated with manual counting, the lack of repeatability of image-based counting systems and the high prices of flow cytometers, Moxi Z is truly an automated cell counter in a class of its own.

Moxi Z features including,
  1. Complete histograms

  2. Monitor cell changes

  3. Data storage on unit

  4. Bluetooth connectivity with PC/MAC

  5. Robust design

  6. Long battery life

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