Thursday, September 15, 2011
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Odyssey Fc: One System, three detections. Infared fluorescence, chemiluminescence and DNA gel documentation.


The Only System that Offers Superior Infrared and Chemiluminescence Detection

The Odyssey Fc Imager is the newest member of the Odyssey Imaging System family of imagers, which continue to set new standards for quantitative Western blot analysis. It offers unique advantages for both infrared fluorescent and chemiluminescent Western blot detection and also DNA gel documentation. The Odyssey Fc System allows your lab to combine the proven advantages of quantitative infrared fluorescence detection with simple streamlined, qualitative chemiluminescence detection on one instrument.

The advantages including,
  1. Quantitative, Two-Colour Western Blots

    The two infrared fluorescence channels of the Odyssey Fc enable two-colour target analysis. And the accuracy and linearity of fluorescence detection on the Odyssey Fc System allows you to have precise quantification.

  2. Chemiluminescence Detection

    For qualitative chemiluminescent Western blot detection, the Odyssey Fc saves you time and eliminates the guesswork of multiple exposures as well as the expense and hazardous waste of film processing. And it has similar sensitivity to film but higher band resolution.

  3. Wide Linear Dynamic Range

    Odyssey Fc provides a broad, linear dynamic range to accurately detect both strong and weak bands on the same Western blot.

  4. DNA gel documentation

    Odyssey Fc now allows researchers to image DNA Gels stained with Ethidium Bromide, GelRed, SYBR Green and more.

  5. No Film or Darkroom

  6. One-Button Image Acquisition

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