Monday, August 01, 2011
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New benchtop biosensors for label-free and real time biomolecular interaction and kinetic studies


Sam®5 is a small footprint, benchtop biosensor which uses surface acoustic waves (SAW) to detect and display biomolecular interactions and kinetics in real time. This Unique technology make Sam 5 can measures the binding kinetics and affinity constants of antibodies (therapeutic monoclonals and bispecific antibodies) to membrane protein targets on whole native vital cells.

It is a single syringe fluid-based system and guides the aqueous sample for analysis over a Sensor chip support surface. The analysed substances are specifically bound to the sensor surface. The sensor chips used on Sam®5 contain five independent sensors, providing five measuring channels. Injected sample flows meanders sequentially across the five sensors and thus a single sample can be characterized for up to five different bound analytes.

The central detection unit of Sam®5 holds a single sensor chip on a sample holder and is temperature controlled. In combination with the autosampler, a complete series of unattended measurements can be set up and executed e.g. overnight or over the weekend. The autosampler has two SBS footprint positions V either rack for 48 vials or 96 well plate.

Moreover, Sam®5 can be used to detect crude solution which are highly coloured, highly viscous, highly salts or high DMSO. And it also have higher performance and thoughput when compare to well-known biosensor used optical detection method such as SPR in the market.

Some applications of Sam®5 including:   
Antibody Binding to Native Whole Cell   
Binding Kinetics Determined with the S-sens K5 Biosensor System   
Identification of Single Cancer Gene Fragments   
Detection of Small Molecules   
Protein Degradation   
Effect of antimicrobial peptides on membrane vesicles   
Properties of DNA   
sam®5 vs. BIAcore 3000 Comparative Performance

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