Monday, November 8, 2010
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ECO™ Real Time PCR System


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Real time PCR for everyone

The Eco™ Real time PCR system delivers everything a full-featured qPCR instrument. This revolutionary new system is setting new standards in performance, simplicity, and support for a variety of qPCR applications.

What is real time PCR for everyone?

In tradition, 10 or more researchers need to share access to each PCR system due to the high cost of high performance Real Time PCR instruments.
Here, illumina, provides the ECO™ Real time PCR system with disruptive low price removes barriers for individual researcher. The technologies and affordable price of ECO™ PCR system make high performance research tools universally accessible to individual researchers, not just large laboratories.

Technologies and features of ECO™ Real Time PCR System

ECO sample loading dock

ECO plate
Easy to use integrated software for set up and data analysis

The ECO™ Real time PCR system combines a proprietary 48-well thermal system, a robust optical system to provide DNA amplification capabilities that are above industry standards. Featuring,

  • Low cost, priced for the individual user
  • High-performance thermal control and uniformity down to 0.1ºC delivers highly reproducible Cq values for greater data accuracy.
  • Robust Optical System with high quality camera detection and true 4-color multiplex, high dynamic range detection resolution.
  • All chemistries and applications supported, including HRM and multiplexing.
  • Compact size (12.2" (W) X 13.6" (D) X 12.6" (H)) for a "personal scale" Real-Time PCR.
  • Fast PCR cycling , delivering 40-cycle PCR in <40 minutes
  • Flexible, easy-to-use software conforms to MIQE guidelines
  • Plug and play set up, no calibration required

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